Welcome to Henoby Aromas

Hi, my name is Jo.

I created Henoby Aromas to help you scent your home – or anywhere you can use a wax burner – with our range of highly fragranced wax melts. Each Henoby elephant is hand mixed and poured by me in my home kitchen in North Derbyshire. All my melts are made in small batches to ensure their quality. 
When I decided to start my business I wanted a name that meant something personal to me. Over the last 22 years my husband Paul and I have been lucky enough to share our home with two border collies. Our first, Henry, sadly crossed the rainbow bridge in 2014 then in November 2014 Toby arrived to keep us on our toes – so HEN-OBY was chosen.
But why did I choose to just make elephant melts? While I was researching wax melts, and deciding exactly which direction to take, I tried many different shapes. You may have seen or even use some of these, from hearts to stars to flowers to snapbars, but I knew I wanted something different. I then came across an elephant mould and just loved it – and who doesn’t love an elephant? I made the decision to just make elephants and the name Henoby just seemed to suit this cute little character. As with elephants in real life Henoby elephants are relatively big. Each one weighs in at a chunky 15-17g making them at least twice if not three times the weight of other melt shapes, which means one Henoby will easily scent your entire room.
I also want to be as eco-friendly as possible, so I only use biodegradable eco soya wax to make the melts and mica powder and biodegradable glitter to decorate them. My packaging is deliberately plain and easy to recycle. I use biodegradable glassine bags, tissue paper and craft tape instead of sellotape and the box is recyclable cardboard. The bubblewrap is eco-friendly too and the outer bag is recyclable – you just need to remove the glue strip first. I am fully insured and CLP compliant, which ensures the protection of health and the environment. 
I really hope you enjoy using your Henoby wax melts and would love to hear your feedback.

Best Wishes Jo @Henoby xx